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Frequestly Asked Questions
Question Answer
Can I advertise in the eNewsletter? The eNewsletter goes out once a week, and we can offer you the following Promotional Opportunities:
  1. Top Banner. Animated gif (468x60) linked to a URL of your choice.
  2. Feature. About 100 words of "Editorial". This can include a link and an optional Photo (gif or jpg, 100x100 pixels), plus a link to a URL of your choice
  3. Featured Job. This adds your job title, Benefits and Location to the "Featured Jobs" list, and a link to your job on
  4. Featured Event. This adds your event Title, Start Date and Location to our "Featured Event" list.
For latest costs or packages, please contact
Can I see an example eNewsletter? Yes, we have some in the archives here...
Can I see more detailed stats for a Job Posting? At the moment we have simple views & applications, but we'll be adding to this over time with more detailed stats.
Can I change my Password? Yes - if you click on Dashboard at the top of the screen, there is an option to change password or email address for your login. This wont affect your ability to login to post jobs or search CVS if you have that enabled.